Climate change, insecurity, and migration interlink to form a Core of Instability in East, Central, and the Horn of Africa- a region interconnected by intra-continental migration routes where climate induced distresses intersect with chronic insurgency and violent extremism to yield a surge in African migration.

In this region, labor migration is prevalent – buoyed by rainfall fluctuations and climate-induced hazards including storms, floods, and droughts. Where conflicts already exist, climatic distresses have exacerbated tensions into fully fledged conflicts resulting in mass movement of people and further environmental degradation.

The large movement of people searching for ‘greener pastures’ or fleeing conflict increases the burden on natural resources and the livelihoods of host communities.

Home to the world’s second youngest population, Uganda is coping with a rising unemployment rate and food crisis in the wake of a climate-induced famine, and pest invasion. Urgently addressing the needs of the host communities can therefore increase the absorption capacity of Uganda to host a runaway refugee influx or at the least prevent the further escalation of violence between refugees and their host communities. ANCHOR contributes towards the promotion of safe migration and displacement through:

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