To Partner


To partner as a volunteer, researcher, or project funder, please send us a shout out and let us know how we can meet your needs and contribute to the self-reliance and peaceful co-existence of last mile communities.


We rely significantly on our volunteers to provide much needed expertise both in-person and remotely. This also increases our competitiveness in obtaining institutional funding for our community work. Whereas our priorities may change from time to time, we are currently looking for volunteers in the following fields:

  • Online Communications Strategy
  • Fundraising Strategy
  • NGO Board Development
  • Human Resources (Review of Staff CVs, identify training needs, process automation)

If you are looking to serve in an in-person or remote capacity on a pro bono basis in any of the above fields, please contact us.

Research Partnerships

We are open to multi-year research collaborations with academic institutions to provide mutually aligned research support including hosting research interns all year round. If you are a learning institution looking to obtain project technical advisory and logistical support, or to deploy tertiary education students in the field, please contact us


Project Funders

If you are a private or public entity wishing to partner in addressing economic exclusion, human trafficking, or violent extremism in migration, extractives, or rural agricultural settings in east or central Africa, please contact us.