The Untamed Wild event was a celebration of hope and love. Organized by Dwelling Places and Drew Tete Limited, the art exhibition was a first for many. Not the least for Patrick Munduga, ANCHOR’s Executive Director who had the honor of being invited as Chief Guest to his first art exhibition. Yikes!


Thankfully, it went better than feared. The weather was perfect – as if in anticipation of a good cause or perhaps a good excuse to hang out with good people and talk about the work of Dwelling Places and Drew Tete in rescuing, Rehabilitating, Restoring, and Reintegrating street-connected children. Beauty – in Drew’s prized art collection, met purpose – in Dwelling Place’s amazing work. Jesse, the guest artist of the evening did not disappoint either. His lyrics were lit! He beckoned all and sundry to be aware of the beauty within instead of the oft vain green pasture across the beckoning boarders. Funny that you should mention it Jesse, but is human trafficking not in fact driven by misinformation? We leave for the unknown because we have not appreciated the value of this our inheritance – the untamed wild…

ANCHOR is a member of the Uganda Coalition Against Trafficking in Persons (UCATIP) and is resolved to work with other like-minded organizations in making migration a safer endeavor.

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