We started out in October 2019 with 360 refugee and host youth and women enrolled to acquire practical marketable vocational skills in construction and manufacturing trades. Less than three months into training, Uganda was hit hard by the first wave of COVID-19. We scrambled for cover. It took the learners 10 months to reassemble only to be hit again by the second wave and another travel and assembly ban. A total of 31 learners dropped out in the process. We did not relent and replaced them to ensure 100% completion rate within budget in spite of the setbacks. The Refugee and Host Community Access and Innovation in Skills for Employment (RAISE) project was implemented in partnership with #Enabel and #GIZ with funding from the #EU and #German government.

Expanded Program Presence into Adjumani and Moyo Districts

Upon making our seventh anniversary since the foundation of ANCHOR on November 24, 2014, we opened our third Uganda Office in Pakele, Adjumani District which will serve the second largest refugee population estimated at 250,000. ANCHOR has already secured funding from GIZ to equip 600 refugee and host youth and women with practical skills in marketable innovative trades including documentary cinematography, construction, and manufacturing. 1,415 youth and women expressed interest in training compared to 600 slots available – signifying a high demand for vocational skilling opportunities among last mile communities.

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